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Since its inception, APTN has built a reputation of working for and with Indigenous people throughout Canada. APTN feels strongly that it belongs to and directly reflects the Indigenous community it serves.


APTN in the Community

Community Relations is a direct link to communities outside the scope of TV, to assist in creating an awareness, to "Make our voice heard" in a variety of ways.


Sally Milne – Birch Bark Biting

On January 25, 2022

Cree Elder Sally Milne, 78 years old, was born and raised on the trap line in Northern Saskatchewan....

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KIS KIN HA MA KI WIN: Land-Based Education

On January 24, 2022

Boozhoo, Tansi. My name is Taylor Galvin, and I am from Brokenhead Ojibway Nation in Treaty 1. As In...

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