December 3, 2020


by Kristopher & Natasha Turner

My wife and I started a group on Facebook called Inninii-Skotay for a couple of reasons. For one, we wanted to promote cultural living, and two, Covid 19 was a major game changer in many of our lives. Both of us came from a large ceremony family; we needed a way to stay connected with people and continue to work on our mental health.

We believe that our spirituality and culture is a missing link that is a major bridge used to connect the dots. Having Facebook provided us a great way to connect with our young people and utilize social media to our advantage. Through videos of teachings, interview’s with elders and basic land- based activities maybe we can reach at least one youth who would love to try going to a sweat, or maybe try learning medicine or want to be out walking around on snow shoes, setting snares. Point being, our bodies, minds, and spirits crave these things naturally.

We want to be that bridge to ignite that fire within, that all of us were given from Creator. Inninii-Skotay is Cree for (Human Fire) but that is only a loose translation as there is a much deeper meaning to this and part of it is wanting our people to love life again. To feed our spirits the food we cannot get from anywhere else but, from the ways Creator gave to us as Indigenous People’s of this land.

Slowly but surely, I believe we can save ourselves from the everlasting effects of Indian Residential Schools, 60’s scoop traumas, and see generations to come flourish and live life to the fullest of what we believe Creator meant for us to be. From myself and my wife, we thank you for taking to listen to our story. Come by Inninii-Skotay on Facebook and fuel that fire within.

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