Fitness 2J2 Providing Community Outdoor Fitness During COVID

September 22, 2020


by J.Lafferty.

Fitness 2J2 is a First Nations owned and operated health and wellness business located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.  Since 2011 founder Joel Pedersen has been providing community based, socially responsible programing to over 30,000 people for close to 10 years throughout Saskatchewan.  Traveling as far north as the fly-in communities of: Fond du Lac, Black Lake and Hatchet Lake First Nations to the urban inner city community in Saskatoon.  “The programming is based off of the medicine wheel holistic /lifestyle; the connection of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual health and wellness” said Pedersen.  Joel Pedersen served for twenty-five years with the Saskatoon Police Service, and was also a Canadian Army reserve soldier. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic the regular community programming and sports camps have been placed on hold, which was challenging for many.  The first couple of months the instructors from Fitness 2J2 provided live functional fitness sessions from their homes through social media platforms at no cost.   Once the physical distancing and other health measures were brought into effect, more small group programming was available through 2J2. 

For the past two weeks in September while the weather is still warm, the Fitness 2J2 crew has been providing at no cost fitness programming in Saskatoon in an outdoor setting.  “Normally programming occurs from September to June with our partners at Pleasant Hill Community Association, and leisure services from the city of Saskatoon. We wanted to bring back a bit of normalcy into our community with our fitness, self-defense for women and youth, learn to run, jog, walk 5km programming.”  Said Pedersen.

Building healthy and safe communities has been the goal of Fitness 2J2.  They have offered Indigenous Fitness Leader Preparation Programs, and community fitness mentorship to remote and urban communities.  In 2018 Joel received the Saskatchewan Park and Recreation Leadership Award.  The business Fitness 2J2 has received a number of awards for involvement in community.   “I feel that everyone has the right to fitness and safety, if we can remove some of the barriers, make people feel comfortable and welcome, then they will have an opportunity to positive and healthy lifestyle”

If you or your community are looking to start, or build on heath and wellness programming you can check more information about Joel and Fitness 2J2, checkout the webpage, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.