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Proven & Effective Play Therapy Strategies with Children of All Ages

Apr 21
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

2852 Douglas Street Victoria, BC - British Columbia V8T 4M5


Children lack some cognitive abilities needed to understand their world and experiences because they are still developing. In addition, they also lack the vocabulary to communicate their emotions and perceptions to someone else. This is where Play Therapy can be very useful and a vital tool.

This workshop will teach attendees how to use play therapy as an incredible method of communication and diagnostics. It will teach you how to interpret the ways in which children play, the importance of what they play with/what they create, and how to interpret their interactions with us as the professional.

By attending this workshop, you will learn how to understand and determine what the individual is struggling with and causes for presenting behaviours and emotions through their play. Attendees will leave with a tool box filled with ready to use Play Therapy techniques that they will immediately be able to implement in their work with children and clients of all ages. This tool box will consist of appropriate tools for different presenting problems such as anger, ADHD, depression, anxiety and more. Some of the tools will include Sand Tray therapy, coloring, the use of puppets, dance/movement, “I Spy”, and so many other great techniques. Much of this workshop will include active learning and participation. So get ready to learn, have fun and see the world through a child’s eyes.

There is much research to support the usage and benefits of Play Therapy in a variety of settings and by a variety of professionals as long as they have been trained – this workshop will provide that training. Play Therapy as a tool, once learned and implemented appropriately, is an easy and effective method of helping children, adolescents and even adults. It is easy to have a crate of basic supplies enabling any professional to take these techniques with them. There is not a large investment needed. Play Therapy allows for the clinician to be creative, adapt techniques to fit any given individual or setting and is fun. There are so many great techniques to use such as sand tray therapy, clay, puppets etc. This workshop will teach attendees a wide variety of such tools but will also do so in a hands on manner so that attendees can immediately return to work and implement these tools into their day to day work.


April 21, 2017
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Sandman Inn Hotel
2852 Douglas Street Victoria, BC - British Columbia V8T 4M5 + Google Map